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What does Admin Stars do…?

I’ve been running Admin Stars for two years now and have met some great clients and people along the way, but there are still lots of people out there who, for a start, don’t know that businesses like me exist – and if they do don’t fully understand the benefits of using my services.

I think the best explanation I heard was from a fellow networker who said “why do something yourself, which you don’t like doing, when you can pay someone else to do it?”. If you are at home/in the office doing admin, you are not out doing whatever it is that earns you money. So why not pay someone to do this work. The chances are you will make money rather than lose it. That’s if you have time to be sat doing your admin in the first place. Which if, you’re not sending out invoices, how are you making any money?

So that is the first benefit. Secondly, you don’t have to employ me for hours and hours every week. It could be an hour a week or a few hours a month. I work with several different clients, so I can work when you need me to. I’m self-employed and work for a set hourly rate.

Thirdly, you don’t need to have an office. Thanks to the Internet, I can work for you at home. However, if you do have an office and it’s easier, I may be able come to you. If I’m working from home I can work during the day or in the evening.

Finally, I often get asked “what do you do?”, and the answer could be everything, but that doesn’t tell you much. How do you know you need me if you’re not sure what it is that I offer?

I can’t list everything that I might possibly be able to do, but as a snapshot of some of the things I do currently:

  • Preparing quotes
  • Sending out invoices
  • Inputting on to a variety of accounts systems
  • Filing
  • Minute taking
  • Managing self-catering cottage bookings
  • Preparing and sending out mailings

From time to time I also help out with specific tasks for a client. These include attending a trade show and helping with a company inspection.

Hopefully that gives a better, fairly short insight into what I do!